1, Bakkt in essence provides leveraged trading on Bitcoin spot.

2, Because of Bakket’s influence in the securities trading industry, its compliance nature, the nature of the daily settled Bitcoin future, and its wide institutional customer base, it will gain Bitcoin trading market share quickly.

3, The global Bitcoin trading price will be influenced the trading price at the Bakkt.

4, The settlement price of Bakkt one-day Bitcoin future will become an important reference for Bitcoin settlement price at the global level.

5, The volatility of Bitcoin trading price will be smaller.

6, Bakkt will further prompt more regulatory bodies to approve Bitcoin as a trading product. More regulated exchanges will start providing Bitcoin trading service, which will lead to more differentiation among existing crypto exchanges.

7, Bakkt will lead to more demand for cryptoasset custody. This is good news for companies providing technical solutions for cryptoasset custody.

8, The custody of cryptoasset will be unlikely to appear in existing custodian institutions. Dedicated cryptoasset custodian institutions like Bakkt will appear.

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